2023 Environmental Visionary Awards

MEEC is proud to sponsor its annual Student Environmental Visionary Awards. MEEC will recognize students for their outstanding contributions to environmental stewardship and awareness on their campus and in their communities. Five students from grades K-5 will be the awarded the Jr. Visionary Award and receive $60 in cash as well as a $60 Staples gift card. […]

2022-2023 Environmental High School Scholarships

The Mojave Environmental Education Consortium (MEEC) is pleased to announce its Environmental Science and Engineering Scholarship Program.  MEEC will be awarding five scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Graduating high school seniors attending high school within MEEC’s boundaries are encouraged to apply. MEEC’s boundaries consist of the High Desert portion of San Bernardino County, the […]

How to Complete MEEC Grants (presentation)

The Prezi presentation (link below) has been designed to assist you step-by-step  with the completion on MEEC’s EnviroBus Buck Transportation Grant, EE/STEM Mini Grant and School Garden Grant. https://prezi.com/view/SAcwJvzHBQA3OGXsoDnC/

2022-2023 School Garden Grants

MEEC is accepting proposals for environmental school gardens.  School garden funds provide basic tools necessary to start or sustain a school garden project.  Suitable projects may include but are not limited to: seeds, soil, equipment, building materials, low water-use irrigation materials, trees, plants, greenhouse supplies, and composting materials.  Interested teachers should complete the online application […]

2022-2023 EE Mini Grants

NEED $$ FOR AN Environmental STEM PROJECT?  2022-2023 MINI GRANT APPLICATION PERIOD IS NOW OPEN! Got a great idea for an environmental STEM school project?  Need supplies for an EE lesson you’re planning for your class?  Looking for supplies to make environmental education and STEM learning more engaging for your students? MEEC’s Mini Grant Program […]