2019 Outstanding Science Fair Project Awards
January 9, 2019
“Life in the Green Lane” Essay Contest
April 3, 2019

The Energy Balancing Act

SoCalGas has been distributing safe and reliable natural gas to consumers for over 150 years, allowing them to warm their homes, have hot water, cook meals and dry clothes efficiently.  Some use natural gas for their fireplace, outside barbecue, or to heat their pool.  Natural gas is affordable, abundant, and the energy source choice in most homes and businesses.  Natural gas is part of a diverse mix of energy sources that supply California with clean, reliable, affordable energy.

Energy sources from natural gas, wind, solar, biomass, coal and hydropower work together to provide the energy we use every day.  Together,  they create a “balanced energy system” that provides reliable and sustainable energy for everyone.

In 1000 words or less, can you tell us why it important to have a balanced energy system verses relying on only one source of energy?



There are five prize categories:


Kindergarten: Can draw a picture with 2-3 sentences about the concept.

Elementary School (grades 1-2)                      Middle School (grades 6-8)

                  Elementary School (grades 3-5)                       High School (grades 9-12)

First, second, and third place winners will be awarded in each category.  All awards are gift cards. First place

winners will receive $75 , second place $50 and third place will receive $25.  Kindergarten winners will

receive a $10 award for all places instead of the above prizes. 



  • Essays should be no more than 1000 words in length. Each essay must contain the author’s name, grade, school and contact phone number to be considered.
  • Deadline for submission is February 28, 2019 at 5:00 PM.
  • Winners will be notified by phone and invited to attend an Award Ceremony presentation

March, 21st at 5:00 PM, at the Mojave Desert AQMD located at 14306 Park Ave, Victorville, CA 92392.

  • Submissions may be mailed or delivered to:


14306 Park Ave

Victorville, CA 92392

  • All submissions become the property of MEEC and Southern California Gas Company


For further information, please call Samantha Murray, at: (760) 245-1661 ext. 6717

SoCalGas Essay 2019

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