Solar Oven Cook-Off

 8th Annual Solar Cook-Off Competition 

Virtual Event

Are you new to solar cooking and the Solar Cook-off?  Check out the Everyone Can Solar Cook  PowerPoint for helpful tips for you and your students

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2021 Solar Cook-off Flyer 1

2021 Virtual Solar Cooking Rules and Guidelines 

This year’s event will take place virtually.  Individual students in grades 4-12 will showcase their knowledge of solar cooking by building a working solar oven from materials that they already have around their houses.  Students may work with others students from their own house hold.

To be eligible to compete, students must attend  grades 4-12 within MEEC boundaries. Each student must submit a detailed  digital project (ex. PowerPoint)  documenting their cooker design, recipes and cooking process.

Student registration forms must be received by  Thursday, April  1, 2021. Student projects must be received by May 7, 2021 in order to be considered for judging.

At the Virtual Solar Oven challenge, three awards will be given in each grade division. Grade Divisions are: 4-6; 7-9; and 10-12.  Students who work with another student in their household will be judged in their highest grade level of all participating students.  

 Big Cash Prizes!

Awards are:

1st: $500; 2nd: $300; 3rd: $150

For more information on this event, please contact MEEC Program Specialist, Samantha Murray at  (760) 245-1661 ext. 6717 or email at