About MEEC

Our combined mission is to link teachers with high quality environmental education resources to improve the environmental literacy of California’s students. All of MEEC’s services are provided free of charge, thanks to the generosity of MEEC’s sponsors. MEEC is a grassroots effort created to better serve educators, students and the communities of the Mojave Desert.  Founded in 2001, MEEC is headquartered at the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District in Victorville.


Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops are free programs provided to educators, and are directly related to environmental education topics. All workshops provided through MEEC are based on the California State Standard Course of Study.

Transportation Grants

The EnviroBus Buck Field Trip Grant Program provides grants for school bus excursions, offering students the opportunity to learn about environmental education using a hands-on approach during visits to sites which promote environmental stewardship.

MEEC Environmental Education Resource Library

Located in Victorville and Antelope Valley, the MEEC resource libraries carry a wide range of quality, standards-based Environmental Education (EE) Resources, including videos, curriculum guides with lesson plans, EE kits, as well as pamphlets and brochures. We invite you to come in and check out these valuable and FREE resources available to MEEC educators.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom presentations and workshops are designed to provide environmental education outreach to students in a fun and stimulating atmosphere. Presentations are tailored to grades K-12. They are free, enlightening, and interactive.

Outstanding Environmental Science Fairs

MEEC recognizes science fair projects based on environmental themes, and students are recognized during annual school science fairs. These fairs generally occur between January and March.

Youth Environmental Leadership Conference (YELC)

MEEC hosts an annual Youth Environmental Leadership Conference for students throughout the High Desert and Antelope Valley Region – Students in grades 3 through 12 attend a fun-filled, hands-on, one-day conference to learn about environmental issues within their area and worldwide.

With a strong focus on STEM SL projects, MEEC is providing necessary tools to assist our nation’s youth to gain the skills required to succeed in today’s challenging world. This includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems and drive advancements in science and technology. With science and engineering jobs growing 70% faster than other occupations, STEM school students will be at an advantage when competing for high-tech, high wage jobs of the future, and regions which focus their efforts on STEM will be at an advantage by cultivating such a workforce and attracting the associated jobs.

Student teams are provided an opportunity to engage with industry partners and mentors to learn about environmental STEM careers and to develop an environmental STEM SL project for their school or community. YELC STEM SL Mentors are usually STEM industry boomers and working professionals that work directly with teams providing them with valuable information that can be interdisciplinary and intergenerational, and guide the students and/or advisor on a service-learning project. The value of mentorship is irreplaceable. Finding a mentor early on can do wonders for the amount of satisfaction students may fund in their future jobs, thus leading to a higher retention rate. One of the most important confidence builders can be found day to day on the job or in school in the form of a mentor, and teaming with a mentor is a career strategy that can bring huge benefits.

Community Outreach

MEEC participates in a variety of community events and teacher outreach events aimed at increasing awareness of the merits of environmental education.

Career Days

Educating students about the various careers available to them, is a wonderful educational outreach that provides them with knowledge about the possibilities of career choices that are at their disposal. MEEC representatives are available to participate in school career day events and can link you up with business partners eager to participate in your career events as well.