The Growing Classroom Teacher Workshop

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March 23, 2010
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March 25, 2010

The Growing Classroom Teacher Workshop

The Growing Classroom:
Introduction to Garden-Based Learning
April 29-30, 2010 – $300

This two-day workshop, located at the amazing Garden Classroom or at your school site, is ideal for those interested in supplementing their existing science program with garden-based learning. Using The Growing Classroom activity guide for grades 2-6, you’ll experience hands-on activities, learn basic science concepts and gardening techniques, and develop management strategies for a school gardening program. Find out how to teach the standards while you guide students through the natural cycles of the garden. You’ll receive Life Lab’s 480 page book, The Growing Classroom as well as many other ideas and resources. Two days 9:00-3:30. One-day Growing Classroom workshops can also be arranged.

1 semester unit of graduate education credit available for an additional $60 per workshop day.

Life Lab is able to provide a limited amount of financial assistance for educators interested in attending our local workshops. Applications for financial assistance will be considered up to one month prior to each workshop, based on need.

Key Workshop Components

Learn …
How to lead garden-based learning activities from The Growing Classroom activity guide. Basic gardening skills, including composting, making seed flats, preparing garden beds, transplanting, and garden planning.

Discuss …
The Life Lab approach to Science. How to make outdoor, inquiry-based education work for different student populations.
The resources inside of The Growing Classroom activity guide, including sections on: Creating a garden, garden-based learning activities, gardening “how to’s,” and connecting garden-based learning to academic content standards.

Take home …
The Growing Classroom activity guide and an action plan for your school garden.

All workshops require advanced Registration and deposit. For more information, go to LifeLab.