The 2010 Range and Natural Resources Camp

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April 9, 2010
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April 14, 2010

The 2010 Range and Natural Resources Camp

The 2010 Range and Natural Resources Camp, sponsored by the California‐Pacific Section of the Society for Range Management (SRM) and the University of California Cooperative Extension, will be held at the Elkus Youth Ranch near Half Moon Bay, California. The camp will begin with registration on Sunday, June 20th at 1:00 P.M. and end on Friday, June 25th after lunch.

Range Camp is designed to offer an appreciation of the extent, importance and value of California’s rangelands and natural resources. Range Camp fosters an appreciation for several fields of applied science and management through interaction with university faculty and experienced professionals in classroom and field activities.

Topics and sessions include plant identification, livestock production, wildlife management, forestry, fire ecology, geology, soils, water resources, rangeland ecosystems, and technologies used in natural resource science and management. Sessions by specialists are given every morning and afternoon, and include both indoor lectures and outdoor activities. Students are tested at the end of the week on their understanding of the materials presented. The top two campers will be awarded an all‐expense‐paid trip to represent California and the Pacific Islands at SRM’s High School Youth Forum(HSYF) held in conjunction with its National science meeting in Billings, MT February 2011. The 3rd highest camper will be invited to attend as well, but will need to find other means of paying for the trip. (Delegates must still be in high school through Jan 2011.)

The camp fee is $400.00. This includes meals, lodging, recreation, and transportation costs while at camp. Transportation to camp from the camper’s home on Sunday and returning from camp on Friday is not included in the camp fee. Arrangements can be made with the camp staff to shuttle campers between the camp and the San Francisco Airport or the Emeryville Train Station. Emergency medical insurance is provided through event membership in 4‐H. Many students attending camp do so with the sponsorship of a local conservation organization or other group which underwrites all or part of the camp fee. Past sponsors have included Resource Conservation Districts, livestock and farm producer organizations, banks, chambers of commerce, agribusinesses, service clubs, and others having funds for educational purposes. There are no restrictions on the number of applicants that may be supported by a sponsor. Students who would like help finding sponsors in their area should contact:
Mary Kimball, Northern California (530) 795‐1520
Cece Dahlstrom, Southern California (619) 532‐2269
Theresa Becchetti, Central California (209) 525‐6800

Young men and women, ages 15‐18 by June 14, 2010, interested in natural resources management and science are eligible. Selection is made without regard to race, creed, origin, or gender.

Space is limited to 25‐30 students each year.
Applicants are selected based upon the following criteria:
1) Carried over from previous year’s waiting list
2) Senior students given priority (last year of eligibility)
3) Regional representativeness (including HI students)
4) Preference given to those who have not attended previously
5) Gender equity

For a copy of the brochure or to download an application, click here.