Teacher in the Spot Light: Linda Hoover

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July 16, 2009
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July 23, 2009

Teacher in the Spot Light: Linda Hoover

Linda Hoover has been a teacher at Riverview Middle School in Helendale for 17 years. She has taught 7th life science for 12 years and an introduction to environmental science for the past year. Her enthusiasm for teaching science overflows to her students.

She has been active in various programs through MEEC such as The Nike Re-use-a-shoe, Yardangs, Project Wet and the Enviretreat program in Palm Springs. Linda was also named the MEEC 2008/2009 Teacher of the Year. She will be attending the Keystone Issue Institute in Colorado this summer thanks to MEEC’s generous scholarship.

Linda has had her class experience the Hector Mine Corporation site and the Cemex site in Apple Valley through Envirobus Buck Transportation grants from MEEC. In addition to the bus grants, she applied for and used a mini grant for the classroom to introduce soil education to the environmental science class. With the grant she was able to purchase a teacher-student microscope with a digital scope to allow her class to view slides as a group and to encourage class discussions. In addition to field trips sponsored through MEEC, Linda has taken her environmental science classes to the MRF facility in Victorville to help reinforce how important recycling is.

This year in the classroom Linda has developed a CRV bottle and can-recycling program, the Nike reuse a shoe program, which are both, supported by the master composters program with the county of San Bernardino. In addition to the recycling efforts, the “Go Green” class has instituted a cell phone, CD movies and video game and console-recycling program through inkjet for kids. She has encouraged her science students to recycle in their daily lives through a lesson on “trash-how much do you accumulate in a day?” having students graph the outcomes. Through this lesson the students decided that Riverview Middle School needs to start a paper-recycling program next year because a lot of paper is wasted and not reused. The students in the environmental science class are in the process of writing an action plan to present to the school board to address the paper recycling issue.

Linda is introducing a student-mentoring program between the local middle school and elementary school. This program will have students teach students about the importance of recycling. She is also encouraging her students to write their own grants and create their own projects over the summer to take ownership of the environmental CADD and “Go Green” club. The class is organizing a display and informational program for the local safety fair in Helendale to teach residence how to correctly use the blue bins for recycling. Linda and her students are also involved in community clean up days in Helendale. The students would like to adopt a part of the Mojave River to keep clean of trash though out the year. The students are joining efforts with ACE charter school to build and use a green house on campus. Working along side of the ACE students, Linda hopes that the students will be able to understand the use of water conservation and the proper care of growing organic vegetables.