Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden Tours

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Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden Tours

An exceptional tour and activities for students and adults at a beautiful native botanical garden.

School Tours and Programs correlate to CA State Standards for Science and Social Studies. School tours and programs are offered October through mid-May. School tour reservations are open in late August. Reservations must be made a minimum of one month in advance.

One Hour School Tours:

Tree Detectives Recommended for grades 3-6 California is home to the tallest, biggest, oldest and most diverse tree species in the world. In addition to their aesthetic and economic value to us, trees provide food and shelter to many animals. On our Garden walk in the “woods” students will come to know the special attributes of different native trees and learn how a tree grows.

Sense of California-Adjusted to any grade level, K through adult. An introduction to the diversity of California’s native plants and animals found in the Garden. The focus is on habitats and California’s natural heritage. Please tell us if there is a focus of classroom study you would like to reinforce on your visit to the garden.

October through mid-June.

A Sensational Walk– Recommended for grades K through 3.
Nature Interpreters encourage students to use all the senses (except taste) to gather information about the environment. Sight, smell, hearing and touch come into play as students encounter native plants along the pathways. October through December.

Two-Hour Programs:

Native Partners: Plants and the California Indians
This program augments 4th grade social studies curriculum on California Indians. Students are involved in activities and discussions about the uses of plant material in local Indian culture. A guided walk through the Garden provides a look at the abundant food supply and available materials necessary for local Indians in their daily lives. October through mid-June.

Web of Life: The Study of Ecological Relationships & Diversity of Life-Recommended for grades 4-6.
Many species of plants and animals in the Garden are involved in complex ecological relationships. Students will investigate some of the specialized creatures that inhabit various ecosystems and learn about life cycles, food webs and energy flow, and interdependence among living organisms. October through mid-June.

A Bird’s Life: The Biology and Behavior of Birds – Recommended for grade 3. This introduction to the world of birds will actively involve students in the investigation of our feathered friends and the unique physical structures and behaviors necessary for survival in diverse habitats. Participants learn to identify different birds, compare wingspans of different species and examine nest construction and materials. Students learn the adaptive advantages of disparate beaks, feet and feather types. October through mid-June.

EE Focus: Cultural Awareness, Ecosystems-General, Ecosystems-Desert, Environmental Sciences, Gardening/Composting, Nature Awareness, Plants & Animals

Academic Focus: Science

Correlated to these State Standards: History/Social Science, Science

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