Environmental Bus Bucks Transportation Grants Available!

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August 3, 2010
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September 23, 2010

Environmental Bus Bucks Transportation Grants Available!

MEEC’s highly successful EnviroBus Buck Transportation Grant Program provides grants for school bus excursions, offering students the opportunity to learn about environmental education using a hands-on approach during visits to host sites which promote environmental stewardship.

MEEC’s EnviroBus Bucks Transportation Grant Program, provided by funding from MEEC’s generous sponsors, funded 60 field trips to environmentally – relevant sites for schools throughout the Mojave Desert in the 2009/2010 school year. In total, MEEC received more than 120 EnviroBus Buck transportation grant applications and awarded 60 field trips for more than 6,000 students throughout the High Desert. Due to the increased popularity of the EBB program, priority will be given to approved host sites, and “Dream Sites” will be considered only after all qualified applications are awarded.

Some of the sites that students will visit this year to learn more about natural science and ecological principles include the Big Bear Discovery Center, Devil’s Punch Bowl, Edwards Air Force Base, Barstow Discovery Center, the Mojave Narrows in Victorville, and the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster. Students will also learn first hand about active mining and processing operations at Mitsubishi Cement in Lucerne Valley; and about rare earth materials used in a variety of technical and strategic products including fiber optics and missile guidance systems at Molycorp, Inc. in Mountain Pass. Students will also visit Elementis Specialties, of Newberry Springs, the world’s premier leader in manufacturing and developing Hectorite Clay products; and CalPortland Cement Company in Mojave, where students will learn about mining and tour the eight giant wind turbines on site. Students will also learn about renewable energy while touring the High Desert Power Project in Victorville

To apply for your EBB Transportation grant, click on the “Hot Spot” Environmental Bus Buck Transportation Grants in the right-hand column on the main or teacher page.