2013 Poster Clean Air Poster Contest!!!!

Introducing Samantha Murray
March 8, 2013
Clean Air Month Poster Contest Draws 800 Plus Entries!
June 13, 2013

2013 Poster Clean Air Poster Contest!!!!

Win $100 and/or a NEW BIKE!!!!

Take a deep breath. Even when the air looks clear, it’s nearly certain that you’ll inhale tens of millions of solid particles, liquid droplets and dust, also known as particulate matter, that has potential human health effects. Did you know that blowing sand and dust can cause respiratory health problems and damage property?

In the High Desert, high winds blowing dust for miles around can be a common sight. Major sources of particulate matter dust include disturbed vacant lands, unpaved roads, diesel trucks, construction sites, and off-road vehicle activities. The undisturbed desert is stable and not a source of blowing dust, so it is important not to grade or disturb land unnecessarily.

Can you create a poster which shows how people can “Bust the Dust” and help protect the health and the air we breath? To find out more about how you can prevent dust from blowing, go to: “Dust Projects”.

To download a flyer or for RULES, click here: 2013 Clean Air Poster Month web
Ages 4-7 Ages 8-11 Ages 12-18
Winners receive Gift Cards in the following amounts:
1st Place Winners….$100
2nd Place Winners….$50
3rd Place Winners….$25
4th Place Winners….$15

POSTERS MUST BE POSTMARKED OR DELIVERED NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM ON MAY 17, 2013 TO: Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, 14306 Park Ave, Victorville, CA 92392

For more information, call 760-245-1661 x 6104

2013 Clean Air Poster Month web