Fantabulous Feedback” is a new addition to our quarterly newsletter that we are excited to share with you. Simply put, MEEC works hard because we love what we do and MEEC’s leadership team is continuously working to provide our High Desert educators with the highest quality environmental education resources, tools and other essential skills to succeed in your classrooms. This is very encouraging to receive the positive and enthused feedback from our teachers relating how they are utilizing the experience, tools, and resources that we provide them with. We’d like to share a few of the wonderful comments from teachers that make it all worth while;”

“On the way home tonight after the Hinckley Elementary School Science Fair, I thought about MEEC and your contributions to our fair over the long haul….your commitment to our youth is such strong evidence for the dedication in your agency. It’s touching to see this kind of contribution make it through such tough economic times and over such a long period of time. It’s nice to be one of MEEC’s long time friends…our school is indeed lucky to know you.”

Adrian Gallardo, grade 6, was the recipient of the MEEC “Outstanding Environmental Science Project Award” at the school’s award ceremony. “He was so surprised this evening….I think he was almost in tears. He just kind of shook and stood there…so I really think Sarah (MEEC judge) picked a deserving young man”, shared his teacher Holly Bowser.

Holly Bowser
Hinkley Elementary School

“Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you. It was both meaningful and helpful. I look forward to putting what I learned to good use. Your dedication is an inspiration” Michael Polda, Lancaster High School, commenting on his participation in the 2011 Desert Studies Photography workshop held October 22-23, 2011 in Joshua Tree National Park and Big Morongo Preserve. Click here to see some of his photos from his hikes throughout the Preserve and National Park:

“Hoping to be in the newsletter someday!! My students cannot wait to begin hydroponics gardening, and to do the renewable energy unit for science! Excited for the workshop this weekend, and would love to do a YELC workshop someday! So thankful to have such an amazing resource!” Aneek Dagama, Discovery School, Lancaster

“I have just returned from a wonderful camping trip through central and coastal California. It was amazing, and I wanted to share this; I took lots of photos and kept in mind what we learned at our weekend at the Desert Studies Photography workshop in Joshua Tree last fall. My appreciation of what I was experiencing was much greater I am sure because of my experience that weekend. I am planning on sharing my even stronger-than-before feelings about using our outdoor classroom and getting our students outside as much as possible with the staff at Quartz Hill Elementary. Also, thank you so much for letting us know about the Piute Ponds Kit. I borrowed it before we took our 4th graders there for our field trip. We were all really impressed with the contents. The footprint models really were amazing and we were able to identify bobcat tracks and many others. This was our fourth trip to the ponds, and I think it was our best trip. So again, thanks to you and to MEEC.
Cathie Conterno, Quartz Hill Elementary
Key Issues Attendee

“I just want to make sure that when your teacher trainings come up in the fall that the MEEC web site is where we watch for them? I just love this stuff and have been using it for everything. We did a summer academy for middle school kids at the community college to explore technical careers with an emphasis on green jobs and I used the Project Wet lessons for activities to also lend a focus to the water issues we face and careers available in this field. The kids loved it!!! So, I just want to make sure I keep up with you and your site, you have me hooked.


Christina Romero, Rio Hondo College

“I just needed to write to let you know some of your local teachers attended several sessions of the Forestry Institute for Teachers this summer. Half attended the MEEC May 7th Project WET-USGS-Mojave water workshop, but all sang your praises and of your MEEC programs- including a teacher spontaneously jumping on our main presentation computer to log into the MEEC site to demonstrate all that you offer!

The two that attended the Tuolumne session in June were in my 7th through 12th grade group. Both raved to teachers about the water education programs offered by you, Tamara and the other agencies in the Mojave- and one wrote a draft 5 year curriculum plan to engage her students in a project that may involve Bureau of Land Management and Helendale County Service District. You’ve gained instant fame with teachers around the state!” – Brian Brown, California Project WET Coordinator

“My name is Louise Raczka and you sponsored me to attend the Keystone Conference. Your generosity has aided my students already and I don’t even know my students yet for the coming year! Your organization has put more tools in my bag of teaching tricks and refilled my soul such that I can face another year. I may not have been your first choice, but you could not have aided a more grateful teacher. Thank you.” Louise Raczka

“I would like to take this time to thank you for our field trip that we took on June 15, 2011. Sierra Elementary School is so honored to be bestowed your kindness. As noted, our entire 3rd grade classes went on the field trip.” Sharon Fox