YELC 2014 Applications Now Available!
March 12, 2014
2017 YELC Application Deadline CLOSED!!
July 18, 2017

Dear Educators and Returning YELC Advisors-

Due to circumstances beyond MEEC’s control, the 2016 Youth Environmental Leadership Conference has been cancelled this year.   Please be assured that this is a  one-time occurrence, and YELC 2017 has already been scheduled for 10/28/17.  Please note that YELC’s follow-up Spring Showcase scheduled for March 2017 has also been canceled.

We understand how disappointing this may be for you and your students that have participated at YELC in the past, as well as for first-time participants, and we can assure you that next year’s events will be as engaging as ever.

For those educators who are participating in MEEC’s STEM Certification program, which requires participation in the YELC and Showcase events before certification can be granted, we apologize that final certification eligibility will be delayed one year.  YELC 2017 is scheduled for 10/28/17, and the subsequent  Showcase is scheduled for 3/3/18.  STEM Certification candidates will be eligible to be certified after the March 2018 event.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience these changes may cause for you and/or your students.  Should you have any questions, please feel free contact me or Christie Robinson at (760) 245-1661, ext. 6104 or ext. 6101, respectively.



Violette Roberts

Executive Board Chair